January 30, 2009

Keep Blogging: Put Advertising And Get Paid To Post

Are there so many empty space on your blog? If yes, why let it be? Do you know that that empty space could give you a lot of other income by putting advertising link or banner?

Advertising on blogs is not just a common thing but I am so sure it is a must. Why? People who enjoy the internet activity needs something that called money to pay for it, right?

Below is the main things that should be paid to ensure you keep blogging and having fun with the net stuffs:

  1. You should pay the connection. No payment no cennection! Unless, you are 24 hours in your office that provides free connection and do nothing except blogging :)
  2. You should pay the snack and beverage. Hei, no meal no funny, right? And I am pretty sure that you must be exhausted after blogging for all night long!
  3. You should pay the bill, especially if you are full time blogger!
  4. You should pay your mother because she helps you to keep your friend out of your house. Don’t disturb please, I am blogging right know!
  5. You should pay your credit card bill. So many thing that you want after surfing the internet :)

But please be ensured that you choose the right advertiser or the third party who become the mediator between you and advertiser. And just for you information, you can also get paid to post something about the advertiser on your blog. Get money and still blogging? What a wonderful life :)


marriage markers 05:11  

yeah, i realized that with advertising on my blog, i can still earn some more money. but also thanks to traffic. i didn't have much traffic before.

Rudi Halim 01:48  

good tips, i like it & i will try soon, tank's


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