May 29, 2009

Adsense Tips For Greater Online Profits

The Google adsense program can offer a great way to add income from your website without having to sell any products or services. Most websites could profit well from adsense as long as they know how to effectively increase click through rates without diminishing the user experience by showing too many ads. Here are some tips that can help to increase click through rates and revenues from adsense:

Tip 1: Place adsense ads above the fold

Do not get too shy to place ads at the top of your site which visitors first see when they enter your site without having to scroll down. Simply place an adsense unit like a banner sized one in the center of the page. Avoid the very top as most people tend to skip that part and do not focus on that area too much.

Tip 2: Create a good quality site

Advertisers can now choose which sites they want their ads on so if you create a great site you are more likely to attract higher paying advertisers so you may receive more money per click. Make sure your site is unique and up to date as this will also attract return visitors which can really make a difference since you do not have to constantly get new visitors.

Tip 3: Put ads embedded into your content

If you have good length articles over 500 words then consider adding ad units like the 336x280 ad units directly into the content by using tables to wrap the content around the ads. This will help to increase click through rates since more people will see the ads.

Tip 4: Use colors appropriately

Try to make your ads blend in as much as you can with the rest of your site. Make the link colors match the main links on your site. If you can stick with the regular blue link color for the links on your site since that is what most people recognize as the standard link color.

Tip 5: Use more ads if you can

If there is enough content on the page do not be afraid to add more ads. The adsense program permits 3 ad units and 2 link units per page however make sure that your content is not squeezed too much, always keep the visitor experience in mind first otherwise people will simply hit the back button and not even read your content never mind click any of the ads.

Tip 6: Get rid of borders

Borders around your adsense ads make them appear more like ads and do not help to blend them in with the rest of your site. Remove the borders so the ads look more like a part of your site and this should help to increase click through rates.

Tip 7: Track your ads

Be sure to take advantage of tracking features in your adsense account so you know how well certain ads are doing. Experience is often the best teacher so try different approaches and stick with the ones that work and learn from your mistakes. Try some of these adsense tips to help you earn more money from your website.

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May 27, 2009

Adsense Tips, Layout Optimization Tricks for Higher CTR

Google Adsense is most likely the best way to attract advertisers from across the planet to your blog or website. Submitting your blog to Google for approval and if google approves, you will get you to place their ads codes linking to products/services likely to appeal to the viewers of your blog or website. Each time a viewer clicks a link, the advertiser pays Google , and Google shares the revenue with you.

How to Make Money with Google Adsense easily and without any hassle?

The 26 best Google Adsense Tips and Tricks for earning more from Google adsense program.

Tip 1.
Strictly follow the rules/regulations mentioned in Adsense policies. Trying to cheat the adsense policies results in lifetime ban from adsense.

Tip 2.
Dont ever modify the Google Adsense javascript code as this will result in immediate ban from adsense.

Tip 3.
Don't ask anyone to click on the ads voluntarily. Do not include incentives of any kind for users to click on ads. Dont write anything near the google ads that may push users to click on the ads.".

Tip 4.
One of the basic rules is never to click on your own ads - Google is much smarter than you think. google can track all the clicks so you will get busted. You should not reload your pages excessively.

Tip 5.
Ads should not be placed in popup windows, 404 error pages or even pages which has no content.

Tip 6.
Don't be intimidated by lists of high paying words, you should only blog about what you are good in. Just try to get unique contents.

Tip 7.
For short articles, CTR is best when ads are placed just above the content

Tip 8.
For long articles, CTR improves if ads are placed somewhere in middle of the content.

Tip 9.
Use Text Ads instead of Image Ads as users get more options. Text ads have a better conversion rate. If you still want to display image ads, consider ad formats that support image ads. Image ads ususalyy pay on a number of impressions basis.

Tip 10.
Google Ads without background color and borders always perform better. Make the border color and background color same as your page background color.

Tip 11.
Always put ads above the main fold. Make sure that the ad unit with the highest clickthrough rate is the first instance of the ad code that appears in the HTML.

Tip 12.
Try to put the add url link to a lighter colour .

Tip 13.
Try using the 336x280 large rectangle, 300x250 medium rectangle, or 160x600 wide skyscraper as they have proved to have the best conversion rate.

Tip 14.
Dont ever place adsense ads next to images as this is against the adsense policy which may result in a warning or ban.

Tip 15.
Make ad links look as navigation links on your webpage. Ad links have a great conversion rate if put correctly on the webpage.

Tip 16.
Try to experiment, move your adsense ads through your webpage. You will get a better understanding about your CTR.

Tip 17.
A maximum of 3 adsense ads , 2 AdSense for search boxes, 1 adlink unit and 1 referral button per product is allowed and known to have great conversion without being cumbersome.

Tip 18.
Try to get a good description of your website in the first few lines as this will be determining the ads shown on your page.

Tip 19.
When generationg the google search box code choose to open the results window in a new page so as you have your website open in the viewer's browser.

Tip 20.
Best place to put adsense search box is top right corner.

Tip 21.
Don't syndicate full content in your RSS feeds, just put an overview or a brief description so that vuewers will be interested in coming to your site rather than reading everything from the syndicate.

Tip 22.
Use URL channels to determine performance of individual pages. I track my most popular pages with Google Analytics, Statcounter and create a channel for each of the URL. You can even track Adsense Clicks with Analytics

Tip 23.
For low CTR pages, try changing titles or adding more content to get better focused ads.

Try using Free adwords keywords tool to get an estimate of the CPC and according that try to block low paying advertisers.

Tip 25.
The AdSense for search Top Queries report shows you what your users are looking for, by listing the 25 most common searches conducted through your AdSense for search boxes. Use this report to identify additional topics to add to your site, or to keep track of your most sought-after information. Focus and improve that content.

Tip 26.
Not everyone has a RSS reader. Use RSS to Email services like FeedBlitz, Bloglet or Rmail to let users subscribe to your blog by email.

You are the one who can judge what is the best for your site. Try experimenting and you will surely get the best results eventually.


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May 26, 2009

Nice Tips: Top Adsense Tips And Strategies

Google Adsense has made a huge impact on internet advertising and it is not short of being a revolution. The fact that more and more people are using Adsense today is the proof of its success. It is a concept that can provide businesses, small and large with a good ROI and generate targeted traffic by creating a high visibility over the internet.

You should start applying Adsense if you have been losing money instead of gaining in any kind of affiliate programs. Google through its Adsense service is providing high quality and relevant ads, which match up to the content on your website. To add to this is the search engine, which will take care of most of the searching. Another salient point is that you will not have to spend too much time choosing various types of ads for your website pages. Google's Adsense process makes it easy for you because it doesn't involve codes like it is the case for several affiliate programs.

Adsense Tips

AdSense is something on the lines of a set and forget arrangement thanks to the state-of-the-art technology used by Google. Here are some strategic tips of what to do with Google Adsense and what not to do with it.

1. While working on Adsense, you should try and avoid default settings, instead work towards customizing your ads.

2. When you are writing the content, think about your reader and then target your content through Adsense.

3. One mistake that most businesses or people make is looking at AdSense as a competitor; instead you should look at it as a partner that is going to help generate revenue for your business and create visibility over the internet, and in fact provide you with a winning edge over your actual competitors.

4. You need to position the ads correctly. This is highly important if you want to profit you're your Adsense campaign. You need to place your ads where you feel there is a higher probability for people to see it.

5. With Google, you can place three instances of AdSense code per page. You should use this to your advantage but remember you need to also bring a variety to the implementation.

6. If you have implemented the code on your Adsense ads then refrain yourself from clicking on the ad. Note: Google is extremely sensitive to click fraud.

7. One of the things that many people try is game the system. Google is aware of most of the things or tricks that people apply and is notorious for pursuing people caught doing a click fraud.

Here is a list of Don'ts:

1. Don't try to implement your AdSense code in a palce where people won't be able to see it.

2. There are many people who try to offer incentive to visitors so that they click on the AdSense ads. This is a no-no!

3. Never beg people to click on your ad

4. Never place your AdSense ads on empty pages.

Making money from the Rates

The Google Adsense ads can be easily customized, which is one of the reasons for its popularity. They can also be placed anywhere on your web page but it is always advisable to place them where people will be able to see them and click on them. You can always experiment a little with themes & colors and of course the placement but you should never go overboard. Too much of experimentation can kill the main purpose.

But before you can start with Google Adsense, you need to be aware of the rates, which can vary. Your Adsense strategy should revolve ideally around the rates because you will receive your payments per click and it will all depend on how much you are willing to pay per click to place an advertisement using AdWords. The minimum that advertisers pay is around 5 cents and it can go to as much as $10, and even more. For example: lawyers are paying around $75 for using the keyword mesothelioma.

You can sign up for your Adsense account by clicking on the below mentioned URL:


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May 13, 2009

How to Attract More Traffic to Your Blog With Blog Graphics

adsense tips
If you are looking for free ways to promote your website, blogging is one that is hard to beat.

A blog post does not have to be very long, so there is no reason why a disciplined blogger cannot post fresh content at least once a day.

But beware of turning your blog into something like Hamlet's book, all "Word, words, words" and no pictures!

A wordy blog with no pictures can be a big turn off, so, make it more appealing on the eye by including a photo or illustration or two in some of your posts.

So what sort of graphics can Internet marketers use on their blogs to enhance their appeal?

If you want to talk about an affiliate product, upload a graphic from the product sales page. Check the affiliate resources page of the product you are promoting for suitable graphics that you can use.

"Product in a box" images are good for focusing attention. If your product does not come with one of those, a banner ad will be fine.

Add a photo of the book cover when you post a book review on your blog. The impact of a book review would also be improved if you can upload a photograph of the author.

If you want to post a review or recommendation of a website, ask the owner if you can use the website logo. Failing that, if the website is in the top 100,000 on, you could post an Alexa traffic graph.

If you are talking about a "widget", add either the widget itself, or a screen shot of the widget to your post.

When you post an image, hyperlink it to the site in question.

If you want to write a series of blog posts, find an arresting photo that you can use at the head of every post to strengthen the message that they are each a part of a sequence of related posts.

You can either use your own photos or search on Google for images that come with publishing rights, such as those published under a Creative Commons licence, or available on

It will be all the better if you can find an off the wall photo to use as a metaphor for your main topic. You can make the tenuous connection between the image and the message stronger by adding a witty caption.

Each time you upload an image you can use the ALT tag to write a keyword rich title for SEO purposes.

Even if you are unable to get hold of a suitable pic you should still go ahead and write a blog post. Your main aim is to keep your blog updated on a daily basis with fresh, engaging, and relevant content. A blog post that is bereft of images is nevertheless better than no blog post at all! It is just that images speak a language of their own and enhance the character of your blog.

Posting graphics alongside your text is a great way to attract more traffic and also boost the numbers that return to your blog although your writing will also have to be worth reading!

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