May 13, 2009

How to Attract More Traffic to Your Blog With Blog Graphics

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If you are looking for free ways to promote your website, blogging is one that is hard to beat.

A blog post does not have to be very long, so there is no reason why a disciplined blogger cannot post fresh content at least once a day.

But beware of turning your blog into something like Hamlet's book, all "Word, words, words" and no pictures!

A wordy blog with no pictures can be a big turn off, so, make it more appealing on the eye by including a photo or illustration or two in some of your posts.

So what sort of graphics can Internet marketers use on their blogs to enhance their appeal?

If you want to talk about an affiliate product, upload a graphic from the product sales page. Check the affiliate resources page of the product you are promoting for suitable graphics that you can use.

"Product in a box" images are good for focusing attention. If your product does not come with one of those, a banner ad will be fine.

Add a photo of the book cover when you post a book review on your blog. The impact of a book review would also be improved if you can upload a photograph of the author.

If you want to post a review or recommendation of a website, ask the owner if you can use the website logo. Failing that, if the website is in the top 100,000 on, you could post an Alexa traffic graph.

If you are talking about a "widget", add either the widget itself, or a screen shot of the widget to your post.

When you post an image, hyperlink it to the site in question.

If you want to write a series of blog posts, find an arresting photo that you can use at the head of every post to strengthen the message that they are each a part of a sequence of related posts.

You can either use your own photos or search on Google for images that come with publishing rights, such as those published under a Creative Commons licence, or available on

It will be all the better if you can find an off the wall photo to use as a metaphor for your main topic. You can make the tenuous connection between the image and the message stronger by adding a witty caption.

Each time you upload an image you can use the ALT tag to write a keyword rich title for SEO purposes.

Even if you are unable to get hold of a suitable pic you should still go ahead and write a blog post. Your main aim is to keep your blog updated on a daily basis with fresh, engaging, and relevant content. A blog post that is bereft of images is nevertheless better than no blog post at all! It is just that images speak a language of their own and enhance the character of your blog.

Posting graphics alongside your text is a great way to attract more traffic and also boost the numbers that return to your blog although your writing will also have to be worth reading!

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