February 15, 2010

MAKING MONEY FORM ADSENSE: How To Make $300 A Day With Adsense | New Shocking Adsense Tips

MAKING MONEY FORM ADSENSE: How To Make $300 A Day With Adsense | New Shocking Adsense Tips. For a few years I've been playing with Adsense. I first got interested when people were making hundreds of thousands of dollars and I wanted in. But by the time I got going, most of those sites were soon worthless with Google's new rules in place. This totally put the end to my dreams of financial freedom, or so I thought.

We come to the present time. And if you're reading this, then you are another statistic that is struggling with Adsense. But don't worry because you will benefit from the following tips, one of many, that will have you earning more than just cents with Adsense.

Tips to make $300 a day with Adsense

If you weren't already familiar with some of the other AdSense tips out there, let me repeat a few for you;

- Visitor traffic
- Relevant Adsense Ads
- Webpage analytics
- Best sizes and positions of AdSense Ads

But one of the biggest secrets, of Adsense, is being over looked today. Build quality content and Adsense will take care of itself. Yes it's that simple. Content is king. You've probably heard it 1000 times before. The reason you've heard it so many times is because everybody thinks they can just whip up a garbage page and people will flock to your site and make you money. For starters, if your visitors come to your page, click-click-bang gone in less than 20 seconds, those clicks won't count as Google will deem those clicks to be invalid. Another reason to have quality content is the search engines will favor you and you will get more organic search engine traffic. As webpage techniques become more advanced, so do the search engines. And unfortunately these automatic page makers just aren't cutting it any more. The newer algorithms are almost as good as a human viewer, and sometimes better.

It is extremely important to follow my AdSense Tips to ensure that your site will be earning its maximum potential. Otherwise you will continue to follow the rest of the pack who are making cents with Adsense.

Shocking Adsense Update: You will be blown away by these tips!

Are you looking for a shocking Adsense update?

I know what you’re feeling. I created my account back in 2006 and literally made cents with Adsense.

But, I have a secret for you. And it goes like this:

Adsense is not dead!

In fact – 99% of the people who are making big bucks with Adsense are keeping the secrets for themselves. And the 1% that are willing to share, the people listening aren’t believing it because society has conditioned them to believe that Adsense is dead.

This is fantasic news for you and I since we want to actually make money with Adsense. We can use this fact to our advantage.

Think about your Adsense account for a moment. After looking at the dollar amount when you log in, you probably look at how many people have clicked. But no matter what you have done, keeping in line with Google Adsense TOS, people just aren’t clicking, am I correct?

But we both know that trying to cheat Adsense will only lead in to your account being banned, deleted, and possibly the remaining funds being frozen forever.

Instead, let’s look at a powerful secret to get those Adsense clicks.

What is this secret? It is…

Advertisement Image Retracement

Simply, advertisement image retracement involves changing your visitor’s perception and almost forcing them to click advertisements. Let’s look at some a couple of rules:

1. Keep your page fairly simple. Having 1000 things all over the place is only going to confuse your visitor and they will start clicking on everything bur your adsense.
2. Have some decent content that is useful to your visitors. You need them to stay on your page as long as possible which will increase the chance of them clicking. Also, if they spend too short of time on your site their clicks may not count to your credit.

WARNING: If you don’t follow the above rules you don’t have a chance with Adsense.

By: daryl bosner

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