February 22, 2010

TIPS 2010 MAKING MONEY ONLINE: 10 Random Make Money Online Tips This 2010

TIPS 2010 MAKING MONEY ONLINE: 10 Random Make Money Online Tips This 2010. The start of the decade just brings another hope for people who make money online and make a living off of the Internet

. Some may have already developed a new set of online career goals to be accomplished for the next few years to come. This is just right since there will be greater things and surprises to expect beyond 2010 especially in the world of Internet marketing. However, if you have come to prepare a new set of goals for this decade, you should have prepared yourself to face a new set of challenges as well. Definitely, there will be greater risks, threats and certain drawbacks that will try to shake the hell out of you and your online business. But no worries, as long as you’re pretty much determined to make money online and become a successful Internet marketer or more productive than you already are, you’ll make it through whatever.

In celebration for this new year, let us revisit ten random yet very useful make money online tips that have helped our online businesses one way or the other throughout the years:

==Maximizing the use of blogs
Blogs are effective means of marketing your business
. For example, if you are selling handbags online, one of the many things that you can do is to create a certain blog wherein you can discuss your product and stuff about it like designs, colors, prices, brands, etc. Blogs will be able to lure in needed traffic to your site. Most of the time, these are targeted traffic which are most likely to buy from you since they found your business through your blog.

==Trying offline advertising

It doesn’t necessarily mean that because you make money online, you can’t or won’t do offline advertising anymore. In fact, direct mails, classified ads, flyers, business cards, radio ads, magazine ads, TV commercials and posters are as effective as your online ads, blogs, product reviews and viral videos. If you have the budget and the resources to pull off this traditional advertising, then you shouldn’t ignore the said option.

==Writing more and more articles

Perhaps, one of the most effective and well-known make money online tips that may last through another decade is writing articles and doing article marketing. Article writing is almost universal in the Internet marketing industry because no matter what type of online job you have, either you’re an affiliate marketer, link builder, website developer, online seller or virtual assistant, you will have to write articles one way or the other.

==Planning and taking action

This applies mostly to newbies but is being done by long-time Internet marketers, veterans and gurus alike too because it’s a simple yet effective tip to make money online. Let’s say, you’re just starting out this 2010 and you don’t know what to do. Simple. Plan your every move. Think of what you want and make that plan into a reality. In short, take action. Throw in a little skills enhancement and a dose of research or more for your knowledge.

==Making use of Google AdSense program

If you’re into blogging, you will have the chance to generate a fair amount of income through the use of Google AdSense program. Some would call it PPC or pay-per-click advertising or banner advertising but it all boils down to as making money through online ads. If you know how to maintain and optimize that blog of yours and if you have excellent marketing strategies, then you’re good to go.

==Learning SEO

To make money online, more or less, you would need a website. Your site will house your business, your products and services and everything in between. It is important that your site and its pages are optimized correctly because you need to rank higher on the search engines. By doing so, you will have a shot to gain a lot more traffic and more traffic means more potential buyers and more possible income for you.

==Creating videos

Thanks to Youtube and other video sharing and publishing sites which were considered proud babies of technology and Internet in the previous decade, video marketing was made possible. What more effective way to promote your brand and products than through videos and one can create these videos in various simple and quick ways. This is great news for many Internet marketers out there.

==Improving your call-to-action

Another simple yet effective tip to make make money online is to improve your call-to-action. Many marketers do great at writing stuff or have nice marketing strategies but suck at formulating a worthy call-to-action. You can’t expect your business to prosper if you don’t put that much attention in your call-to-action, right?

==Giving freebies

Yes. Offering freebies like free e-book, free report, free newsletter, free product trials are surely one of the best make money online tips that you can follow considering how people love free stuff. This can be regarded by your customers as an act of kindness or a way of paying back for their support and trust. That would really put you in a good position.

==Practicing self-discipline

One reason why many folks realize that they can’t make money online or continue on with Internet marketing is because of themselves too. They don’t think they have enough self-discipline to do the tasks and manage the business on their own. When you make money online, chances are you work from your home and the known disadvantages for that is that you can either get distracted or become so lazy you can’t get any work done. That’s why self-discipline is very much important.

By: Sherry Lou


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